Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Fusking We Will Go

Update: URLs changed to protect the innocent.

What is a Fusk? Some kind of small bird-like creature? Perhaps something to do with laundry lint?

Not quite. What a Fusk is, or more accurately what Fusker! is is this. An "advanced web extractor and content search."

Ah! Web extractor! Extracting content! That is the sound of music to a Porn Hacker's ears. Because, ya know, the web is chocked full of so much delicious content, and it's such a shame it's so buried and hidden behind so much HTML and so many annoying ads. If we can extract content, then we can get what we want!

So how does Fusker! (should I always add that exclamation mark?) do this? Well, lets start way back at the very beginning, when Mr. Porny Webmaster first decided to put a bunch of naked ladies up on the old interweb to share.

One of the first challenges Porny Webmaster faced at the time was just how to organize all those images inside his or her web directories. Well, way back in elementary school Mr. Porny Webmaster had learned to count, and he knew that numbers were a great way of keeping track of things. So he therefore decided to number his images in some sort of fashion. It was as simple as that.

And the many Porny Webmasters that followed did the same. And yay, there was porn on the web, amen.

So lets pretend the URL for, oh say, this lady:

Image Hosted by


And this next photo of her:

Image Hosted by


(Note the 01.jpg, 02.jpg suffixes.)

With that information, it's not difficult to guess that the next URL in this sequence is:

OK then, what does Fusker! have to do with this? Well, what Fusker! does is let you glom these image sequences into a single URL, popularly called a Fusk:[01-50].jpg <- Note the bracketed numbers!

Don't follow that link! Your browser won't like it, but Fusker! will. Why? Because Fusker! recognizes that bracketed suffix as a sequence. Literally, it sees the URL as"the images 01 thru 50".jpg.

So then if you run that URL, or "Fusk" through Fusker, you get this.

(That website,, by the way, is one of many Fusking websites that you can sign up for and use. It's public and everyone's Fusks are visible to the world, making its front page alone a cornucopia of free porn. However, there are other ways to do a Fusk without having to sign up for anything, which we'll get to on another day.)

Nifty huh? And Fusking is a great way to dig for hidden content that isn't even linked to! How do I mean? Well, lets say you do the following hypothetical Fusk:[1-15].jpg

Now, there is something interesting about that URL, that being the "01-05" directory. Now comes time to use your hacker intuition! Is that perhaps a date? July 2005? You begin to wonder if there is more content on another date....

So, as a test you try this url in your browser:

And sure enough, an image comes up! So, it's time for a SUPER-FUSK![01-12]-[00-05]/[1-15].jpg

Note that we have three bracketed groups. The first group represents the months January thru December, the second the years 2000 thru 2005, and the third our 15 image sequence. If it works, downloading this full sequence alone could potentially give you 1,080 images!

Ain't Fusking great?

Ok, time for a power tip to tide you over to my next post. As you may or may not have noticed, archives peoples' Fusks and lets you search them later. For example, you can search "boobies" to get all the Fusks that ever contained "boobies" in the URL.

Well, as some of you may know, basic website authentication, which you typically see when a website prompts you for a username and password via your browser and not a form on the page, can be expressed in the URL without ever having to answer to the password prompt. For example:

In most cases, this is the only time you will see the @ symbol in a URL.

So, how about searching for the @ symbol over at