Monday, July 25, 2005

I Digg Digg

So I notice I've been Dug. How exciting! Especially since I really like Digg. It's a very sexy-looking socially-driven link sharing site where people can submit links and feel the opiates of fame and popularity when people like what they posted.

Mmmmm. . . opiates.

And just look at how Digg users are raving about Porn Hacks:
hacking? its just a simple data spider for tgp's (which are free and publicly accessible anyways).


Welcome Digg readers!

(But seriously, Digg is cool, and welcome.)

Reader Tip: +2 to Porn Hacking

Like any self-respecting geek, I enjoy spending my free time live action roleplaying for hours on end. Currently I am refining a level 23 Half-Elf, Half-Halfling Wizard/Warrior name Krag'Agh Mugleheimer that has one killer magic missile, let me tell you.

But enough about that, because Porn Hacks reader ChiPHEaD sends me a tip about a different kind of role playing that's much more exciting than my magic missile.

You see, a lot of tasty (but password protected) image galleries and message boards out there let a certain very exclusive person inside without a password. Who is this person? Why, Google of course! Why? Well, if they let Google in, then Google will index all their content so that people can find it, but not actually get to it unless they sign up.

A lot of message board systems do this, and as you may or may not know, image posting message boards are a dime a dozen. (Hint: "Invision Power Board")

So, if we can role play as Google, then we are in! Ladies and gentlemen, draw your mighty broadsword of web hacking!

  1. First, download the User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox and install that mofo. (OK, so I realize some of you may not be browsing with Firefox. If you aren't, then you're either using something better (a.k.a. not IE), or are a dumbass. If it's the latter, then you should use Firefox because... gah, ugh. Goddamn it. Get Firefox for gods sake.)
  2. After you restart Firefox, goto Tools > Extensions, click on "User Agent Switcher" and bring up its preferences (usually done by clicking the preferences button near the bottom of the extension list).
  3. In the User Agents section of the preferences hit the Add... button and add a new user agent with the Description of:

    Googlebot 2.1 (New version)

    And the User Agent of:

    Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

    That's it. You can leave everything else blank.
  4. Finally, browse to a password protected area, go to Tools > User Agent Switcher and select Googlebot 2.1 (New version), and then reload the page. If it's a message board that lets Google in, then you're in too! Role-playing rules!

And with that, my friends, I think you can safely put a few points into your Porn Hacking skill.

Thanks ChiPHeaD! Got a tip? Well write me, fool!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We Interrupt Your Regular Porn Hacking...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reader Tip: You Down With TGP?

Update: URLs changed to protect the innocent.

Hello everyone. Sorry it's been quiet around here for a couple of days but things have been busy. Not just work busy though, I've also been spending a lot of time adjusting the Blogger template for this site and what not. You may want to take note of the "Friends" and "Tools" areas over on the sidebar to your right. I'll be updating both of these lists regularly, especially Tools, when we discover new websites and fun ways to hack the web.

So, is your hard drive giving you "disk is full" errors yet because of all the porn you've acquired? No? Dude, WTF? GET ON THAT SHIT!

Maybe you just need to find some more free galleries!

Porn Hacks reader Dave sends us a tip on how to use good old Google to find all of the TGP galleries hosted on the same server/URL. This is good because related TGP galleries made by the same people oftentimes won't link to each other, even when they contain similar types of content.

  1. The first thing to do is find a TGP gallery you like. For a hypothetical example, lets use:

    Page 102? There has to be more pages then. Moreso, more pages in the girlsonscooters directory, which I happen to be very interested in.

  2. Next, search for the main site URL at Google using the site: modifier, which will search for results only in a specific URL. For our example lets search for:

  3. Once you submit your query you will see all the pages at that URL that Google has indexed. If you want, you can narrow your results adding an inurl: modifier to that query. "inurl:" will limit the results to URLs that have the inurl: keyword in them. inurl:girlsonscooters

  4. If all goes well, we've more than a few new galleries to download from.
  5. Note that to show even more results, we can add the text "&filter=0" to the end of the URL for the Google results page. This will show any additional pages hidden by the Google content filter.

Thanks for the tip, Dave!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Sucking Down TGPs With URLToys

Update: URLs changed to protect the innocent.

First of all, some of you may be wondering what TGP stands for. Well, it's an acronym for "Thumbnail Gallery Post," or in other words, it's those galleries smattered all over the web with 15 or so pics and a hell of a lot of ads. Webmasters use special scripts and programs to generate these galleries en-masse, so there's a lot of them. Sites like Thumbzilla and The Hun's Yellow Pages link to the hundreds of TGP galleries that crop up every day. If you want to learn more about TGPs then check-out this Wikipedia entry on them.

Good ol' URLToys can act as a pseudo-browser and navigate TGP galleries for you. You can get straight to the images in the TGP gallery via the process of parsing the TGP URL and then pruning the download queue that URLToys creates.

Let's get started!

First, boot up URLToys. If you don't have it yet, I suggest you check-out our intro to URLToys we wrote yesterday.

Once you're in, enter in the URL you want to download from prefixed by the "add" command:

URLToys (0)> add

This adds that single URL to URLToys' queue.

The next thing we want to do is have URLToys search the page you just added for everything it links to. One way of doing this is via the "make" command. Note that after I run the command how the number next to the URLToys prompt increases. That number is the number of items in the URLToys download list.

URLToys (1)> make
Searching (1/1) "add"...18 found.
URLToys (18)>

Using "list" we can see the URLToys has found all of the images that the thumbnails on the page links to as well as some other garbage we don't want:

URLToys (18)> list
URLToys (18)>

There are a couple of ways we can now prune this list to only be the jpg images. The best way to suit our purposes for now is by using the "keep" command, which tells URLToys to get rid of all the URLs that don't contain what you specify, which in this case is "jpg".

URLToys (18)> keep jpg
URLToys (15)>

Note the number of items in the queue is now just 15. If we type "list" we should just see image links. Note that if you made a mistake, you can type "undo" to undo your last command.

URLToys (15)> list
URLToys (15)>

Yep, there they are! Now just type "get" to begin downloading!

URLToys (15)> get
Downloading ""...
[*************************] [ 93905b of 93905b | 1/15 (to 00000) ]
Downloading ""...
[*************************] [ 84799b of 84799b | 2/15 (to 00000) ]
Downloading ""...
[*************************] [ 82311b of 82311b | 3/15 (to 00000) ]
Downloading ""...
[*************************] [ 85880b of 85880b | 4/15 (to 00000) ]


Feed Republished

You know, it always annoys me when someone randomly re-publishes their blog feed, because I then have to go through all the articles I've already read. Just so uncool.

Well, I must confess to republishing the Porn Hacks feed today, and I would like to apologize for doing so. However, there is a good side to this, that being that I've switched the feed over to full posts instead of the "brief" summary that Blogger does. Why it wasn't full posts before I do not know. Full posts are the shiznit.

Another hack coming soon, as well as some reader submitted tips! Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

URLToys - Your Porn Utility Belt

Update: URLs changed to protect the innocent.

One of my favorite porn - erm, I mean, "content" downloading programs is Joe Drago's URLToys. As far as I'm concerned, it's the Porn Hacker's Swiss Army knife.

At its core, URLToys is a nothing more than a perl script. Some people have added some fancy UIs and what not on top of it, but in the end, the script where the goodness lies.

Now initially the word "perl script" might scare some of you away, because it means we'll be working with the command line interface. But, my friends, the command line is good! Not only does it make you feel all cool and h4x0ry when you are using it, but it also doesn't clutter your system processes and memory with a bunch of pointless compu-bling. When you're downloading 4 gigs of porn, efficiency is good. Additionally, if the boss comes by and sees some kind of involved terminal process going on, he or she might actually think you are working!

Anyway, let's first get URLToys set up. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but it will be worth it, trust me. At the end of this tutorial I'll show you how you can then use URLToys to perform a Fusk without having to sign up for websites like, much less use your web-browser at all.

The first thing you Windows people will want to do before continuing with this little HOWTO is to get Perl up and running on your machine. I suggest starting with the ActivePerl installer and going from there. Once you're rocking with Perl, come back.

Update: No need to install Perl for Windows peeps! I finally got to try out the stand-alone version of URLToys for Windows last night and it works great. It's highly recommended you go this route instead if you don't yet have Perl installed on your machine. Simply run the installer and then launch URLToys from the Start menu. This will take you Windows people straight to the URLToys prompt - no need to install additional modules.

For the rest of us non-Windows users (OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, etc.), step one will be to download the standalone version of URLToys, save it somewhere safe, and then try to run it by typing into your terminal program:

perl /path/to/urltoys/urltoys.standalone

Or on Windows (see this link for help):

perl C:\path\to\urltoys\urltoys.standalone

Now it may very well be that after you hit enter you will get an error similar to this:

Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1 /Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Library/Perl/5.8.1 /Library/Perl /Network/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level /Network/Library/Perl/5.8.1 /Network/Library/Perl .) at urltoys.standalone line 12.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at urltoys.standalone line 12.

That's no problem. All it means is that your version of Perl is missing a module that URLToys needs. In the case above, it's LWP.

The easiest way to install Perl modules is via what is called the CPAN shell. To start up the CPAN shell, run this command:

sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell

(You Windows people have it a little easier because you will have the Perl Package Manager which will let you browse-to and install modules via a user interface. Or, again, just use the standalone URLToys installer to avoid all the module fuss.)

If this is the first time you have ever run the CPAN shell you might have to go through a few configuration steps. Usually you are safe to simply go with the default answers. Eventually, you should get a prompt like this:

cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.7601)
ReadLine support available (try 'install Bundle::CPAN')


From here, installing the LWP module is as simple as:

cpan>install LWP

The CPAN shell will then go through the rigamarole of compiling and installing the LWP module. Once LWP is installed, you can type "quit" to exit the CPAN shell. Then, try running URLToys again. If you don't need to install anything else, you will hopefully see:

URLToys (0)>

Which means you're in baby!

As I mentioned before, URLToys does A LOT of stuff. Way too much to fit in a single post. So, lets just try something we are already familiar with, a Fusk!

To Fusk the example from "A Fusking We Will Go", it's just a matter of entering:

URLToys (0)> fusk[01-50].jpg

And then pressing return. Once you do, you will see the number "50" next to the URLToys prompt. This number represents how many files we have in our URLToys queue thanks to our Fusk command. To see a list of all these files, just type the "list" command and press return:

URLToys (50)> list

And then to download the files to your hard drive, use the "get" command:

URLToys (50)> get
Downloading ""...
[*************************] [ 19175b of 19175b | 1/50 (to 00000) ]
Downloading ""...
[********************-----] [ 45655b of 45655b | 2/50 (to 00000) ]

Awww, a cute little ASCII progress bar and everything!

Notice that URLToys nicely skips past the files that don't exist. Once your downloading is done, type "exit" to quit out of URLToys. Your picutres will have been downloaded into whatever directory you ran URLToys from, typically in a folder called "00000." (This number represents your URLToys session. If you were to start up URLToys agian immediately after this and perform another Fusk, those files would be in a directory called "00001.")

There you go, from the web to your HD in only a few minutes and with no browser middle-man, no mess and no fuss.

Make sure you hang on to URLToys, because we have a lot more to talk about at a later date. In the meantime, enjoy!

Invasion of the Fleshbots

Hello everyone! I just want to give a quick shout-out to Fleshbot, who linked to us this morning. Fleshbot says:

Even if we never see another post from the author from this new blog devoted to exposing the secrets of “those that have made some of the most drastic and interesting technological advances on the web: those that run adult websites” (and we’re hoping he plans to stick around for a while), we’ll still be forever grateful to The Porn Hacker for explaining to us the intricasies of Fusker, a web content extraction tool long known to serious smuthounds as one of the most convenient ways to fill up a hard drive with more free smut than you imagined possible. (We also hear it can be used to find free passwords and backdoor entrances to certain paysites, but we wouldn’t know a thing about that. Honest.)

Oh don't you worry my good readers, we are just getting started! Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Fusking We Will Go

Update: URLs changed to protect the innocent.

What is a Fusk? Some kind of small bird-like creature? Perhaps something to do with laundry lint?

Not quite. What a Fusk is, or more accurately what Fusker! is is this. An "advanced web extractor and content search."

Ah! Web extractor! Extracting content! That is the sound of music to a Porn Hacker's ears. Because, ya know, the web is chocked full of so much delicious content, and it's such a shame it's so buried and hidden behind so much HTML and so many annoying ads. If we can extract content, then we can get what we want!

So how does Fusker! (should I always add that exclamation mark?) do this? Well, lets start way back at the very beginning, when Mr. Porny Webmaster first decided to put a bunch of naked ladies up on the old interweb to share.

One of the first challenges Porny Webmaster faced at the time was just how to organize all those images inside his or her web directories. Well, way back in elementary school Mr. Porny Webmaster had learned to count, and he knew that numbers were a great way of keeping track of things. So he therefore decided to number his images in some sort of fashion. It was as simple as that.

And the many Porny Webmasters that followed did the same. And yay, there was porn on the web, amen.

So lets pretend the URL for, oh say, this lady:

Image Hosted by


And this next photo of her:

Image Hosted by


(Note the 01.jpg, 02.jpg suffixes.)

With that information, it's not difficult to guess that the next URL in this sequence is:

OK then, what does Fusker! have to do with this? Well, what Fusker! does is let you glom these image sequences into a single URL, popularly called a Fusk:[01-50].jpg <- Note the bracketed numbers!

Don't follow that link! Your browser won't like it, but Fusker! will. Why? Because Fusker! recognizes that bracketed suffix as a sequence. Literally, it sees the URL as"the images 01 thru 50".jpg.

So then if you run that URL, or "Fusk" through Fusker, you get this.

(That website,, by the way, is one of many Fusking websites that you can sign up for and use. It's public and everyone's Fusks are visible to the world, making its front page alone a cornucopia of free porn. However, there are other ways to do a Fusk without having to sign up for anything, which we'll get to on another day.)

Nifty huh? And Fusking is a great way to dig for hidden content that isn't even linked to! How do I mean? Well, lets say you do the following hypothetical Fusk:[1-15].jpg

Now, there is something interesting about that URL, that being the "01-05" directory. Now comes time to use your hacker intuition! Is that perhaps a date? July 2005? You begin to wonder if there is more content on another date....

So, as a test you try this url in your browser:

And sure enough, an image comes up! So, it's time for a SUPER-FUSK![01-12]-[00-05]/[1-15].jpg

Note that we have three bracketed groups. The first group represents the months January thru December, the second the years 2000 thru 2005, and the third our 15 image sequence. If it works, downloading this full sequence alone could potentially give you 1,080 images!

Ain't Fusking great?

Ok, time for a power tip to tide you over to my next post. As you may or may not have noticed, archives peoples' Fusks and lets you search them later. For example, you can search "boobies" to get all the Fusks that ever contained "boobies" in the URL.

Well, as some of you may know, basic website authentication, which you typically see when a website prompts you for a username and password via your browser and not a form on the page, can be expressed in the URL without ever having to answer to the password prompt. For example:

In most cases, this is the only time you will see the @ symbol in a URL.

So, how about searching for the @ symbol over at

Welcome to Porn Hacks

Hacking the web is fun. Hacking the web for porn is more fun!

Welcome to the Porn Hacks blog. We're a web hacking blog at heart, really, but we've also got very, very dirty minds.

Oh so dirty.

But back to the web hacking, right. So, Porn Hacks focuses on those that have made some of the most drastic and interesting technological advances on the web: those that run adult websites.

Adult webmasters work hard every day to maximize security and profit, guarding their precious, dirty content from our lusty eyes and ears. Well, we here at Porn Hacks work hard too. We work hard at stealing that dirty content.

Mmmmm. . . so dirty.

So, what you will get here is:

1. A lot of free porn.
2. A lot of free knowledge.

Some might initially find the former much more interesting than the latter, but pay attention to the latter too, because an image of some naked chick only lasts so long, but hacks are forever.

Let's get started!

PS Almost forgot! Got a porn hacking tip? Email us at

PPS Oh yea, one more thing. We're going to try and keep things as mildly safe-for-work as we can here. Meaning no images we post will be especially graphic. However, it hopefully goes unsaid (but I'll say it anyway), that if you try any of these hacks or follow any links off this page you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK, whether the biggest danger is getting caught by the boss or something worse.